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Master Keyed Cut-Away Lock -Schlage

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5 pinned Cut-Away Practice Cyl - Master Keyed -Right Handed - Schlage Keyway

A Schlage Master Keyed Cut-Away Lock can help you learn how to pick these locks in real-time, and LockPickShop has them. Many locksmith students use this highly effective visual aid to watch how the locking mechanisms work as they lock, unlock and compromise them. Because you can watch the entire process, this cut-away lock shows you how and why the locks work, as well as what happens when you attempt to pick them.

This three-level master keyed cylinder fits into any of our Tri-Pik Holding Fixtures, including the one on the Lock Pick Station Plus. The cylinder comes with:

  • A grand master key
  • A master key
  • A change key
  • A non-working key

Each key is clearly labeled so you know what you're working with. This cut-away lock can make an excellent learning tool, whether you are a novice lock picker or you're a seasoned professional who wants to keep your skills sharp.

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