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Master Pinning Locksmith Course -CD

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MASTER PINNING - The Principles Revealed

Easy to read and fully illustrated to give you an in-depth visual education, Master Pinning: The Principles Revealed is an excellent e-book that walks you through how to set up and design master keyed lock systems. It starts with the basics and guides you through more involved sections, and it covers everything you need to know.

Master Pinning: The Principles Revealed discusses the tools and equipment you need to set up a rekeying and master keying station, and it provides you with actionable advice that you need to get started. It includes real photographs and well-illustrated graphics to show you every step of the process.

The information in Master Pinning: The Principles Revealed is hard to find. Up until now, getting this information was only possible by purchasing expensive manuals and putting together scraps of knowledge. This PDF eBook combines all the knowledge you need in sections that cover designing systems, determining proper pinning, and even exercises that test your know-how. This CD-ROM works with PCs and Macs. Whether you need to brush up on your basic principles or you're starting from scratch, this eBook on master pinning is the ideal solution for you.

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