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NEW! M3000 High Yield Lock Pick Set (.025")

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Fourteen lock picks with rivetless stainless handles in .025" thickness, two double-ended picks in .031" thickness and thirteen tension tools make the SouthOrd M3000 high-yield (29 piece) lock pick set an absolute must-have for locksmiths, private investigators, military professionals and anyone else whose safety (and job security) depends on being able to tackle tough jobs.

This remarkable SouthOrd lock picking kit includes everything you need to compromise most American locks. At just 0.025 inches thick, these picks will be able to get inside deadbolts, padlocks, doorknob locks and many other types, as well. They’re the strongest, most durable picks available because they’re manufactured from High Yield Stainless Steel, the strongest and most durable stainless available. They’re even guaranteed by SouthOrd.

SouthOrd’s M3000 MAX high-yield lock pick set comes in a conveniently oversized, zippered case made from high-quality Valentino leather. It’s easy to pack up and go when you’re using this kit, even when you’re in a hurry.

Here's what you'll get:

MAX Lock Picks

MAX-16  MAX-04  MAX-12  MAX-08

MAX-17  MAX-06  MAX-13  MAX-07

MAX-01  MAX-09  MAX-18  MAX-05

MAX-02  MAX-11  MAX-10  MAX-15

Tension Tools:

TW-24  TW-02  TW-21  TW-22

TW-18  TW-03  TW-01  TW-23

TW-20  TW-11  TW-62S  TW-31


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