Master Auto Lock Pick Set

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At LockPickShop, we pride ourselves on carrying the best locksmith tools on the market. That's exactly why our inventory includes the Master Auto lock pick set. It includes 17 great picks that come in handy when you need to compromise a vehicle lock, whether you're a professional locksmith, you work in a body shop or you're a law enforcement professional. In the right hands, this well-rounded set can handle most vehicle locks.

The Master Auto lock pick set includes several standard vehicle lock picks, as well as the LT-300, the LT-310 and the LT-320. It also comes with the LT-330 tension wrench and the 106 gas cap pick tool. All of these handy tools come in a custom leatherette case for easy carrying and safe storage. No matter why you need to compromise a vehicle lock, this kit can help you do it. Each pick is made from sturdy, durable materials and is designed to last.

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