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LAB 11 Piece Mini Lock Pick Set

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At LockPickShop, we're proud to carry the LAB 11-piece mini lock pick set. It's convenient, easy to carry, and packed with great tools that can help you compromise a wide range of lock types. You don't have to be a professional locksmith to reap the benefits of this great set; it's ideal for law enforcement, property managers, and many others.
The LAB 11-piece mini lock pick set includes:

  • LPT 002 half-deep hook
  • LPT 003 medium hook, half-diamond
  • LPT 003 large rake, deep hook
  • LPT 005 medium rake, shallow hook
  • LPT 006 small rake, deep hook
  • LPT 007 small rake, half-diamond
  • LTTM 01 medium turning tool (0.075 inches thick), full-twist, one end
  • LTTM 02 medium turning tool (0.093 inches thick), full-twist, one end
  • LTTM 03 medium turning tool (0.125 inches thick), full-twist, one end
  • LTT 005 auto disc turning tool
  • 1 removable handle

This kit comes in a durable nylon case with Velcro closures. The stainless steel lock picks in this miniature lock pick kit are rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant, which makes them a great choice for professionals who are always on the go and often encounter inclement weather.

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