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Locksmith's Master Resource Cd-rom

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The Locksmith's Master Resource CD-ROM is a LockPickShop exclusive, and it is one of our best-selling items. Why? Because it's brimming with incredible information that you won't get elsewhere. You get three complete eBooks, including:

  • How to Pick Locks – Simplified! This eBook is the finest lock picking instruction manual out there, on or off the Internet. It's written in clear, concise language and fully illustrated with color graphics.

  • Getting Started as a Mobile Locksmith. If you have ever wanted to begin a career as a locksmith who opens cars, homes and offices, this is the eBook you need. It tells you where to start, how to go into business with low overhead, and shows you how to make sure you'll be operating legally.

    $30-$70 for five minute's work is not uncommon in this trade!

  • Locksmith Tips, Pro Edition. This massive compilation of insider tips, secret procedures and fully illustrated articles gives you the inside scoop on everything from car-specific picking techniques to how to create keys for a variety of vehicles. This book contains more than 200 separate tips, features and articles in this e-book alone!

This remarkably informative CD-ROM also includes the famous MIT guide to locksmithing, a comprehensive listing of national and international locksmithing schools, and a bonus eBook that shows you how to make money with just your home computer. Finally, it includes three downloadable bonus items, including spy software similar to popular Internet detective programs.

Many articles fully illustrated with step by step color photos

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