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The Tactical Lock Opening Course

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The Tactical Lock Opening Course covers all of the techniques, tools and tactics that law enforcement officers and first responders need to bypass locks without causing damage. The information in this course was originally designed by the U.S. Customs Service to train its agents after September 11, 2001. It was written to help USCS agents covertly enter buildings, aircraft hangars and other locked areas to emplace court-ordered listening and recording devices to build evidence against terrorists, drug smugglers and other criminals.

Easily accessible in a manual and an accompanying DVD, The Tactical Lock Opening Course is a result of the USCS training that taught thousands of agents, law enforcement officials and first responders how to enter locked spaces to perform their duties.

The course aims to train members of emergency responders as "entry specialists" so that they can be more effective at their jobs. It walks people through fast, covert no-damage entry, and it is an invaluable resource to security professionals all over the country.

"The Tactical Lock Opening Course" is extremely useful and beneficial to Police, Ambulance, Fire, Private Detectives, Military, Undercover Drug Agents, SWAT Teams, Special Forces, CIA, FBI, DEA, NSA, NTA, US Customs and Border Patrol, Homeland Security, etc.,

Subjects Covered in this Course are:
  • Lock Picking Techniques for Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Lock bypass techniques
  • Auto openings
  • Instant padlock openings
  • Specialized tools and equipment
  • and much more

This unique training gives you the skills necessary to quickly and effectively pick locks, bypass locking systems, open automobiles, and gain entry into locked areas without damaging property or leaving any sign that might alert criminal suspects of your passing.

The Covert Entry Course was originally developed for federal agents who routinely perform covert entries for intelligence gathering, but the skills taught in the course are important tools for many other areas of law enforcement, including SWAT, investigations, and even routine patrol. The skills taught in the course are relevant to any situation where fast, no-damage entry is required.

The instructor is a former law enforcement officer and has trained thousands of civilian locksmiths. He developed the course to be easy to understand, interesting, and effective in the real world, where results count.

The course is designed for students with no previous locksmithing training and is easy to understand. You'll get a 100-page course manual that explains all the entry techniques step by step, with plenty of photos and drawings. Also, you'll get a 60-minute training video that shows the techniques in detail, including close-up video sequences with cut-away locks that show you what's happening inside the lock. Many segments of the video were taken from live training at a national law enforcement training center.

Every course is backed with the instructor's personal support, either by telephone or e-mail, to ensure that every student gets the most from this training. When you order the course, he'll be happy to answer your questions or help you with any special needs.

The following course overview will give you a detailed look at course contents and the subject areas covered. If you have any questions about the course, feel free to contact us by e-mail at

Course Summary The Covert Entry Course includes a 60-minute training video with the same video clips used to train federal law enforcement agents, plus video taken during the training seminar. The Course also includes an easy-to-understand, 100-page course manual filled with photographs and easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions that make expert entries quick and easy.

With the course, you'll also receive a professional lock pick set. The Professional Pick Kit includes all the basic picks that professional locksmiths use, including:
  • Diamond point, hooks, rakes,etc.
  • Tension wrenches
  • Everything you need to learn lock picking immediately!

The Covert Entry Training DVD

The Course DVD contains every film segment used to train federal agents in covert entry techniques and tactics. This hour-and-a-half-long dvd is crammed with expert entry information and techniques. It's literally the Covert Entry Seminar on DVD. You'll be shown how to:
  • Pick locks
  • Gain entry into buildings without picking the lock
  • Use alternate picking tools for extra-fast lock picking
  • And much, much more!

The Covert Entry Manual

The manual includes the following sections:
  • Overview of Entry Techniques
  • About the Entry Course
  • Introduction to Entry Techniques
  • The Pin Tumbler Lock
  • Introduction
  • Pin Tumbler Construction
  • Pin Tumbler Operation

Lock Picking Tools

  • Introduction
  • Manual Picks
  • Pick Guns and Vibrating Picks
  • Alternate Pick Types
  • Specialized Picks
  • Tension Wrenches

Basic Lock Picking Techniques

  • Introduction
  • Five General Rules of Lock Picking
  • Evaluating a Lock for Picking
  • Determining Plug Tension
  • Pick Orientation
  • The Pin-by-Pin Technique
  • Over-Picking a Pin Stack

Advanced Lock Picking

  • Introduction
  • The Scrubbing Technique
  • The Raking Technique
  • Combination Techniques

The Pick Gun and Electronic Vibrating Pick

  • Introduction
  • The Pick Gun
  • The Electronic Vibrating Pick
  • Picking Locks with the Electronic Pick

Wafer Lock Opening Techniques

  • Introduction
  • Wafer Lock Construction

Auto Opening Techniques

  • Introduction
  • Auto Entry Points
  • Auto Locking Systems
  • Auto Entry Tools
  • Auto Entry Techniques

Padlock Opening Techniques

  • Introduction
  • Using Codes to Open Padlocks
  • Picking Padlocks
  • Rapping Padlocks
  • Shimming Padlocks
  • Warded Padlocks

Lock Bypass Techniques

  • Introduction
  • Lockset Construction and Operation
  • Jimmying a Door
  • Manipulating a Latch
  • Using Wire Tools to Bypass Locks
  • Bypassing Kwikset Locks

Upon Completion

Please email us at You must include your full name and order number. We will then email you a test to complete. When you complete the test please send it back via email. Upon passing the test (we'll notify you with the results) we will send your certification by email in a Microsoft Word document or .pdf file that you may print out. Please note: Only one (1)certificate will be issued per course purchased.

Please note: The Tactical Lock Opening Course is not eligible for return unless defective. If either the dvd or the tool kit is defective this may be exchanged for replacement only.

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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 tactical lock opening course
Reviewed by: on 12/13/2009
I purchased this course over a year ago and I loved it and used alot of the skills and hints from that day forward.I have recently trained one of my guys with this course its worth its weight in gold,its a very helpful tool for now and later thank you lockpickshop.