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Long Drill Bit Extractor

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Long Drill Bit Extractor

You'll never let broken drill bits halt tough jobs again when you keep the Peterson Long Drill Bit Extractor (Peterson LDB-E) in your toolbox. Featuring Peterson's long-lasting government stainless steel, this drill bit extractor is a high-quality, well-made tool that offers a far reach up to 4 inches. It's recommended for use in drilled holes deeper than 1.5 inches. The LDB-E extractor is Peterson's longer, government steel version of the Standard Broken Drill Bit Extractors, which only reach up to 1.5 inches deep. These long-reach extractors are great for many other gripping applications as well and are a smart choice for locksmiths, first responders, security guards, law enforcement agents, repo professionals and more.

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