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Lockpickshop is now offering the popular Multipick Kronos EPG as a complete set with a large assortment of useful auxiliary tools. A hard-shell plastic case with appropriate recesses provides secure storage; there is an additional small hinged plastic box for bits and pieces.

The Kronos provides you with the most modern electronics coupled with a high-performance motor. Because of its low inherent vibrations, the Kronos is one of the quietest electric lock picks offered anywhere in the world. A genuine plus if you have to be picking a cylinder lock in the early hours of the morning. Multipick was able to convince one of the largest German manufacturers of DC motors to collaborate with them. Thanks to its newly designed power management system, the Kronos EPG is able to operate under steady load for more than two hours.

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Charging is super easy! Simply connect the accompanying USB cable via the included main adapter or to a computer and recharge the Kronos without the tangle of various different cables. An additional rechargeable battery delivers the needed power when the situation demands it. What's more, the accompanying picking needles are manufactured out of exactly the same ingenious material as Multipick's ELITE lock picks.

There are a number of important and useful accessories that one would otherwise have to buy separately, are also included in this complete kit.
To name just a few, there is the Circular Tensioner TNT-20-V3 for a quick change in the direction of tension. The TNT-20-V3 is the only circular tensioner anywhere in the world that offers the possibility of adapting precisely through a quick and tool-less change of the lower tension pin to different respectively curved cylinder profiles. Change pins for straight, left- and right-sided curved cylinder profiles are included as part of the delivered content. The Flip-It Plug Spinner - a further development with an extremely high utility value. With the new Flip-It, particular value was placed not just on its unusual design, but also on the mechanical precision of the "trigger system". The mechanism in the new Flip-It makes it possible to "shot release" by just applying light pressure on the trigger button. The advantage this mechanism provides is that; one can work without the exertion that was generally necessary until now. This spinner thereby makes it possible to work very calmly and precisely.

In addition to the standard ELITE pick needles (0.5 mm), a five piece needle set in 0.6 mm thickness is also provided. This thicker version is more forgiving of beginner mistakes by not breaking so quickly.

Just take a look at everything that comes with this set - there are no more useful accessories than these! Nor would you expect anything less in this Kronos Complete Kit by Multipick.

  • Technical specifications - Kronos:
  • Li-Ion battery 3.7 V / 2900 mAh
  • Needle deflection precisely adjustable from 1 to 4 mm at the needle chuck
  • Idle speed 13,000 rev/min
  • Weight with battery - approx. 0.350kg
  • Dimensions: D=34 mm L=205 mm
  • Battery life in continuous operation: approx. 2.5 hours
  • Here's what you get:
  • 1 Kronos Electric Pick
  • 1 Charging cradle for 1 battery plus a USB charging cable
  • 1 USB charging unit 230V / 5V
  • 2 Li-ion high-capacity battery 3.7V / 2900 mAh
  • 5 Elite pick needles 0.5 mm
  • 5 Elite pick needles 0.6 mm
  • 1 Elite tension - 03
  • 1 Elite tension - 06
  • 1 Allen key for changing needles• 1 Spare needle clamp
  • 1 Multipick TNT-20-V3 circular tensioner
  • 1 Flip-It(A Multipick Original)
  • 1 Wera screwdriver 0.4x2.5x75 mm (for turning the keyway)
  • 1 Storage & carry case with foam inserts
  • 1 Plastic accessory box

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