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Module 1 - Introduction to Lock Picking by bosnianbill

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Module 1: Introduction to Lock Picking - Digital Download

A welcome to the LockSport community and brief description of LockSport, it's members, sources of help, forums, organizations, and activities. Why we have only one "rule" and how it affects you. Bosnianbill shows you how to evaluate a lock to decide if it is possible to pick. How and why you should visualize the inner workings of locks and how it will help you. Chock full of very useful information! (21:31)

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Topics covered in Introduction to Lock Picking are:

1. Introduction
  • a. LOTS of people pick locks
  •     i.    Welcome to lock picking!
  •     ii.    Intro by Bosnianbill - LockLab
  •     iii.   Organized course - basic to advanced
  •         1. Discuss locksport
  •         2. Where you can get help
  •         3. How pin tumblers work
  •         4. Tools - what you need
  •         5. Techniques - picking, assembling, disassembling, bypasses
  •         6. Different types of locks (warded, dimple, tubular) & how they work
  •         7. Terminology. A new vocabulary

  • b. What is LockSport?
  •   i. Millions of members worldwide - Afghanistan to Zimbabwe
  •   ii. All walks of life - students to college professors
  •      1. Curiosity about how things work
  •      2. Puzzle Solvers
  •      3. Like working with your hands
  •      4. Good hand/eye coordination
  •     iii. Where to get help!
  •      1. Toool - The Open Organization of LockPickers
  •      2. UKLockSport, Lockpicking101, Keypicking
  •      3. YouTube
  •  iv. Competitions
  •     1. Reddit Lockpicking
  •     2. DEFCON & other hacking conventions
  •     3. Olympics - Netherlands in Sneek, north or Amsterdam

  • c. Rule
  •   i. "You may only pick locks you own or those that you have explicit permission to pick"
  •   ii. Recommendation: "Don't pick locks that are in use"
  •   iii. Practice
  •   iv. Luck Plays a part...
  •    v. Don't give up on "hard" locks.
  •   vi. Legal Stuff
  •      1. Buying picks is legal - eBay, Amazon, dozens of Internet sites
  •      2. Picking at home
  •      3. Carrying Picks - busted
  •      4. TOOOL resource

  • d. Evaluate a lock to improve your chances
  •   i. Rusty, corroded, dirty, damaged?
  •   ii. Shackle "springy" and core moves?
  •   iii. Type of Lock?
  •   iv. Name of manufacturer?
  •   v. Model information?
  •   vi. Open or paracentric keyway?
  •   vii. Tensioning options
  •   viii. Make sure core & shackle are free
  •   ix. Can you see the first pin?
  •    x. Pick Options

  • e. Visualization - solving a Rubik's cube in the dark...
  •   i. Understand what's inside before picking it - "knowing the answers to a test"
  •   ii. Pin counting
  •   iii. Pick positioning
  •   iv. Warding

Digital downloads are non-refundable

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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Module 1
Reviewed by: on 11/21/2017
Bosnianbill is as good as it gets. This first video is the very basics and gives a nice overview to lock picking. You will learn from these videos.