Home Security Products

When Billy Joel sang about honesty being such a lonely word, he never envisioned today's world. It's a world in which having security strategies in place has become a vital necessity. You can certainly opt for a large safe, or even build one into a wall or seek other options to protect your valuables. We at LockPickShop do offer a fire resistant safe, home security boxes, and more, that are far more cost effective than a traditional safe. But we have also developed more creative ways of protecting your cash and valuables, as well as your credit and debit cards.

Burglars often hit quickly, knowing where to find your stuff, and they're gone. What are the odds they'd look inside a can of soda, shaving cream, beans or brake cleaner? With our diversion safes, you can hide your valuables in plain sight like this and completely fake them out. It may sound unlikely, but police say it works.

An especially clear and present danger is losing your personal data to high-tech thieves who have learned how to compromise the new embedded chips in your credit, debit and other cards. Through technology, they can pick up the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) signals from the chips right through your wallet, purse or pocket as you go about your business, even across the room. The answer is to use armored wallets and credit card sleeves specially designed to block RFID theft, so you can better thwart the thieves. Through LockPickShop, you can obtain these wallets and sleeves in many colors and styles.

We have a large array of home security products, so check them out and you will be pleasantly surprised. At LockPickShop, we know how to bring you a lot more peace of mind at a fraction of the cost.