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Handcuff Shim Pick

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Handcuff SHIM PICK - pick single-locked handcuffs

Law enforcement officers, prison officials and security personnel purchase our handcuff shim picks in large quantities to assist in training their officers. They have to know how to pick handcuffs, how to open them without keys. It's a necessary part of the job. The Handcuff Shim Pick can (pick) open most handcuffs if the lock has jammed or even if the key has broken off inside! No more having to saw or use bolt cutters to release a prisoner locked in a pair of inoperable handcuffs.  This handy little shim slides between the pawl and the ratchet to quickly release the cuff. The simple procedure can be most easily viewed and conceptualized by using the Clear Cuff (see Clear-Cuff Handcuff Cut-Away). Keep one of these on your keychain or in your wallet and avoid the embarrassing situation of having a "stuck" prisoner. Works only when cuffs are single- locked.

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