Gifts Under $25

Find tons of gifts under $25 at LockPickShop, including the best lock pick set and other thoughtful, useful gifts for locksmiths, security officers, police officers and automotive professionals. We have a variety of cool gifts under $25, including a huge array of affordable and unique coin safes and diversion safes (including a PBR can safe and a toilet paper roll safe) that are great for the clever coin collector or sensible stasher.

Other gift ideas under $25 from LockPickShop include handy key decoders, practice handcuffs that let you practice picking handcuffs, handcuff keys and stylish armored credit card sleeves that shield your credit cards from being read by criminals. We also have a broad selection of lock picking books, DVDs and other resources written by experts that make great gifts for anyone looking to explore the art of lock picking.