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G-4B Elite Rubber Handle Government Steel Pick Set

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The G-4B Elite rubber-handled Government Steel pick set has it all. This set includes the most popular Peterson picks made with their proprietary Government Steel, as well as their Stainless Slenders that are designed to get into the smallest places. In addition, the G-4B Elite set has the AD-WB3K, which opens AR-type swing bolts and Euro locks that have thumb turns on the back. As if that wasn't enough, this kit also comes with the ARTW-1, the AD-B and wafer breakers, which allow you to open American padlocks and much more.

The well-rounded G-4B Elite kit comes with a Peterson knife that works on padlocks and file cabinets and a mini-knife that works on dial-type Master and Sesame locks. This kit also comes with a wide array of tension tools, including three SFIC tension tools. Because it's packed with value, The G-4B Elite set is one of our best sellers at LockPickShop.

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