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FULLCUT Mortise Cylinder Lock

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The Cutaway FullCut Kwikset Mortise Cylinder Lock available at LockPickShop is rekeyable and has five pin stacks. This aluminum cylinder has a Kwikset type keyway and a partial rotation of the lock plug. Designed for right-handed users, the Mortise Cylinder Lock is a suitable teaching companion for anyone demonstrating the functions of the pin stacks in a classroom setting. Use the cylinder with the key or a lock pick to demonstrate the correct shear line alignment. Similar to the Cutaway Mortise Cylinder Lock, the Fullcut Mortise Cylinder Lock's cut has been extended deep into the lock plug, making it easy to see all of the pin stacks, including the bottom pins that are located in the lock plug. You can see how the pins and springs within the lock interact when a key is inserted. A lock frequently used on heavy entrance doors to large apartment buildings or residential structures, as well as storefronts, the Mortise Cylinder Lock has additional machining that exposes more than the standard Cutaway Mortise Cylinder would.

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