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The Shomer-Tec Escape/Travel Belt is an essential survival belt and travel belt for anyone who wants to ensure that their next adventure isn't their last. It has features for travelers who visit hostile regions as well as cool add-ons for people going about their day-to-day lives. Although it's designed to look just like a standard belt, the Escape/Travel Belt has a hidden compartment behind the buckle that houses a non-metallic handcuff key and a ceramic razor blade that's useful for cutting duct tape and rope.

The belt also has dozens of access points to its many discreet elasticized compartments, which are ideal for stashing currency and other small items. It also includes some pre-deployed tools, including a second non-metallic handcuff key and 4.5 feet of Kevlar Survival Cord. The entire belt - all tools included - is non-metallic. Large size measures 34 to 42 inches long. Black. Made in the U.S.

Available in 2 sizes: Large (34" - 42"), XL (44" - 52"). Color: black. Made in USA.

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