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BOGIE Evasion and Escape Set - Gov't Steel

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Peterson's E&E (Evasion & Escape) wave rakes are the result of extensive research and development. They held up well in our tests and have proven to be very effective. The waves span a full inch to eliminate the need for precise insertion depth and enable simultaneous interaction with 7 pin stacks.

Tapered from shaft to tip, these "Bogies" are very strong (made from Government Steel) and eliminate the stressors that can cause picks to snap. They're extremely durable with a very smooth finish.

One of Peterson's enhancements was to extend the reach so that locks having 7 pins or maybe more, can be manipulated.

You will receive a standard C4-GSP and a longer C5-GSP, plus a long turning tool so you can depress the clutch as you pick.

The picks in this set are of the Cycloid variety. Cycloid wave rakes provide grabby action that is ideal for picking locks. With good technique, instant opens are possible.

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