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Spring loaded Circular TensionTool

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Spring Loaded Circular Tension Tool

Few things thwart a lock picking attempt more often than incorrect tension - but when you're working in cramped quarters, sometimes standard tension tools just won't work. Dino's Spring Loaded Circular Tension Tool is designed for times when you need to pick a lock, but have limited space to work in. With a little practice, this tool will help you select the proper tension every time. To use the spring loaded tension tool, simply place it over the lock, insert the pick through the center, and use the built-in pressure button and compass to adjust the tension to exact where it needs to be.

Circular tension tools are a great addition to the toolbox of locksmiths, first responders, security professionals, and anyone else who regularly has to compromise locks. Dino Spring Loaded Circular Tension Tools are made of brass, making them a lasting part of your collection.

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