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Mortice Cylinder Drill jig - 1 inch

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If you're looking for locksmith cylinder jigs, you're in the right place. This mortise cylinder drill jig can help you open A/R-type deadbolts and latches, including those protected by high-security cylinders. It can even help you with an Adams Rite swing-bolt that contains a high-security lock.

Using this mortise cylinder drill jig, you can drill the setscrew out of nearly any mortise lock; that way, you can remove the cylinder easily without damaging the door or the lock. If you're compromising an A/R-type swing bolt, all you need to do is drill a small hole and use the poke tool to release the swing arm. Finally, if you're working on an A/R-type latch, use the poke tool to release the double-locking feature from a second hole in the door to slip the latch.

This mortise cylinder drill jig can be a valuable addition to your toolkit, and what makes it even better is that LockPickShop has it at an extremely economical price.

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