Diversion Safes

Research has shown that most home intruders spend fewer than 6 minutes inside someone's house, and when they're there, they mean business. They're checking the most common hiding places for valuables and snatching what they can.

That's exactly why you need a diversion safe.

A diversion safe allows you to hide your valuables in plain sight. Food cans, toiletries, and household cleaning product containers make excellent diversion safes because thieves don't even think about looking for valuables in them. They're busy sifting through drawers, overturning mattresses and looking behind paintings for safes.

A diversion safe can store money, jewelry and other valuables, and it might be exactly what you need in your home, dorm room, or hotel room. The best part is that they're incredibly affordable, and police suggest that they're even more effective at protecting your things than a heavy, locked safe is.