Lock Pick Combo Kits

At LockPickShop, our lock picking combo kits are an economical way to get all of the tools you need without breaking your budget. These combo kits are packed with great value because we're matching superior tools, lock pick sets, training tools and books. It's never been this easy to find what you need at such affordable prices. We're offering these combo kits at up to 51 percent below retail price, which means you can get precisely what you need.

Our lock pick combo kits include tools for beginners, intermediate lock pickers, and experts. You'll find sets that include SouthOrd tools, some with DVDs, and even those for Euro locks. We pride ourselves on giving you the best value at the most economical prices, and we're sure you'll find the perfect combo kit for your needs in our extensive selection.

Combo Kits are sold as displayed. Substitutions are not permitted and no further discounts apply.