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Cutaway Deadbolt Cylinder - training

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This cutaway practice lock with 6 drilled pin stacks is made from a conventional and commonly used mechanical pin tumbler cylinder lock. In our Cutaway ProCut Key-in-Deadbolt Cylinder Lock, part of one side of the lock's pin stack has been machined away, leaving the top driver pins and springs exposed. The lock housing is also cut away so you can see the lock plug. This design gives locksmith students a great tool for learning about deadbolt lock construction. It is also very helpful during lock picking training.

The ProCut is a fully functioning key-in-deadbolt cylinder, specially designed for learning how to pick locks. Students will be able to clearly see and better understand the shear line principle by rotating the lock plug. You can select from a right handed or left handed model and you can also choose the type of keyway. The ProCut cutaway key-in-deadbolt cylinder can be repinned or rekeyed with a standard plug follower. For easy rekeying and repinning, order it with the FastPin option. The ProCut is made from chrome plated brass.

It is important not to use kinetic opening techniques with these cutaway locks, such as a lockpick gun, vibrating lockpick or bumping, since damage might occur due to the missing structure.

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