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Lock Pick Sets
Lock pick sets can make a locksmith's life a whole lot easier. Large pick sets include picks suitable for just about any job one might encounter

How to Use a Slim Jim
Learning how to use a slim jim can be a very valuable experience when you find yourself locked out of your car...more

How to Pick a Lock
If you learn how to pick a lock from the movies, you will soon find that lock picking is very different outside of Hollywood ...more

Tubular Lock Picks
Tubular lock picks are designed to give picking aficionados and professionals a chance to pick complex tubular locks...more

Electric Lock Picks
Electric lock picks are made for professionals who need to open a large number of the same type of lock in quick succession ...more

Jackknife Lock Pick Set
Jackknife Lock Pick Sets may sound like odd accessories. Most keychains, after all, are used for opening locks--that's what all of those keys we carry around are for...more

European Lock Pick Sets
European lock pick sets are essential tools for the professional locksmith interested in opening every kind of lock he encounters. Lock design varies widely in different countries...more

How Lock Bumping Works
Lock bumping is a method of opening a pin tumbler lock or a cylinder lock ...more

How to Read A Key Number
Keys are typically printed with an alphanumeric code called a key identification number, a key code or a key number that allows ...more

How to Use An Air Pump Wedge
An air pump wedge is an excellent vehicle entry tool for professional locksmiths and repo professionals who need an easy, hassle-free way to ...more

How Much is a Locksmith
Let's face it, everyone gets locked out at some point in their lives. It's an inevitable part of living in a world where security is key and everyone is busy and ...more

How To Not Get Locked Out
Everyone gets locked out of their home or car at some point or another, but there are some surprisingly simple ways to deter the inevitable. Simple, preventative tips for how to avoid ...more accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, PayPal