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YALE GA Advanced Practice Cylinder

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Students involved in locksmith training will find our advanced Yale GA Keyway 6 Pinned Practice Cylinder to be a very useful learning tool. Beginner locksmiths should start by perfecting their lock picking skills with a 2 or 3 pin cylinder before they graduate to a more complex lock. This model features standard top pins. These original manufacturer cylinder training locks are available with either standard or higher security spool pins. With the tighter tolerances one finds in commercial-grade cylinders such as these, locksmiths are given a greater picking challenge. The Yale GA 6 Pinned Cylinder comes from our line of advanced commercial lock picking practice cylinders. Note that this particular practice lock is not available with a cutaway cylinder.

Important: These practice cylinders fit the Deluxe Adjustable TriPik and other similar types of Lock Pick Stations. They will not fit the standard practice stands.

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