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Corbin Advanced Practice Cylinder

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If you're a locksmith student and you need to learn how to pick a Corbin lock, our Advanced Corbin 6 Pinned Practice Cylinder is just what you've been looking for. This model features standard top pins and these practice locks are original manufacturer's parts. With the tight tolerances in these standard commercial grade cylinders, the locksmith student will experience a more substantial lock picking challenge so they can improve their skills. Before going out into the workplace, it is important to practice on the types of locks you will find in the field. LockPickShop provides a full range of lock picking tools for the locksmith student and instructor. Our Corbin advanced practice locks are available with standard or spool pins. The spool pin version is coming soon.

Note: These Corbin practice pin tumbler locks are not available with cutaway cylinders.

Important: These Corbin cylinders will fit the Deluxe Adjustable TriPik and other similar Lock Pick Stations, but they will not fit standard practice stands.

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