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American 2 Piece Wafer Breaker Kit

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If you've ever dealt with an American Padlock, you know that sometimes it's necessary to break the wafer at the back of the cylinder. This can be really difficult, particularly if you're not working with the right tools. That's why LockPickShop proudly carries this American 2-piece wafer breaker kit; it allows you to make an opening in the wafer so you can move your AD-B entry tool past it.

The American 2-piece wafer breaker kit comes with full instructions that guide you through every step of using the key and the wedge to get past the wafer. With easy-to-grip handles and the sturdy reliability you need, this pair of tools might be exactly what you need to get the job done faster and more efficiently. Whether you're just learning how to compromise American Padlock's locks or you're a seasoned veteran of the locksmithing business, this kit will be a wonderful addition to your tool collection.

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