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American 3 Piece Wafer Breaker Kit

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The American lock wafer breaker kit is a valuable asset when you need to compromise the brand's padlock. The American 3-piece wafer breaker kit includes everything you need: a key, a wedge and the AD-B entry tool. This set comes with detailed instructions, too, so you'll know exactly how to use the key and wedge together to create an opening for the AD-B entry tool. Once that's done, you can seat the included AD-B entry tool behind the wafer, opening the lock quickly and easily.

This 3-piece American wafer breaker set is incredibly convenient to carry. The pieces are small, so they'll fit into your existing tool set or tuck neatly away in a toolbox. Whether you're new to locksmithing or you've been at it for years, you'll enjoy the simple convenience and ease-of-use that this handy set provides.

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