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Who We Are


Lockpickshop is an e-commerce company specializing in locksmith tools & accessories that started in early 2000.

We are proud to be a resource for locksmiths, first responders, recovery companies,

military, law enforcement and locksport organizations around the world.

Locksmith Tools & Accessories

LockPickShop is a well-established and trusted online lock pick shop that has been in business in excess of 20 years. During this time, we have established ourselves as the leading online supplier of lock picking tools in the USA. We are extremely proud of our wonderful reputation and look forward to growing this great name even further.

Made in America

We love America, and we love great people! Protecting American jobs is a huge priority for our company. Around 99% of our locksmith tools are made right here in the USA, they are also made using only the highest quality American steel. We are also very proud to stock the full range of both Peterson and Southord locksmith tools and locksmith training tools. We don’t only supply America though, we can, and do, ship to over 60 countries worldwide.

Automotive Entry Tools and Kits

All locksmiths will undoubtedly receive a high number of lock picking jobs from clients that have lost their car keys. Modern-day vehicles now come with very advanced security systems, and lock picks can be a difficult job. Our range of automotive lockout tools will provide you with the high quality and advanced equipment that you will need.

Lock Picking a Tubular Lock is not an easy Job

Tubular locks are notoriously difficult to pick and using traditional locksmith tools will make the job harder. But don’t worry, we have some fantastic tubular lock picks to make your life easy. All engineered to the very highest of standards using the finest American steel, designed to give you years of uninterrupted service.

Perhaps you are thinking of Training to Become a Locksmith

The needs for a locksmith service has increased in recent years, it has also become a popular career choice for many. We can provide you with various lock picking training tools that you will ever need. You will also find a wide selection of lock picking training downloads available on our website.

All of our locksmith tools and lock pick sets are available to purchase online and the easiest way is through our LockPickShop website. You can also contact us via email using the contact us form. Simply let us know your enquiry or any order details and we will get straight back to you. You can also choose to create an account with our lock shop, full details can be found on our website, or by following the link. We look forward to assisting you.