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2 Pin Practice Lock Cylinder

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For the beginner in training to be a locksmith, the best way to start learning how to pick a lock is to pick the 2 Pin Practice Lock Cylinder from LockPickShop. An apprentice in the process of lock picking should start simple and then advance to more sophisticated cylinders after mastering the basic level. The 2 Pin Practice Lock Cylinder allows the would-be locksmith to do just that. The 2 pin cylinder is the easiest one on which to begin acquiring basic lock-picking skills. It has the lowest degree of difficulty, and, after the beginner has aced the process with the 2-pin, he or she can move to more advanced tumblers like the 5-pin and the 6-pin as they meet and surpass each challenge along the way. LockPickShop has practice cylinders of all levels to help the locksmith student graduate from starter to expert. All of these practice locks are hand fabricated in the U.S. by retired locksmiths. Many are designed specifically for LockPickShop and are not sold elsewhere.

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