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Padlock Shims - SPS-20

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Padlock Shims - SPS-20
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How do I Pick a Padlock?

What are padlock shims? Our friends at lockpicking101 have this to say: "Padlock shims are formed pieces of thin yet stiff metal designed to take advantage of mechanical imperfections and tolerances in the latching design of some popular brands/models of locks. In other words, padlock shims are a bypass tool, not a pick." 

An easy way to open many padlocks is to utilize Padlock Shims; it's a great alternative to picking. In many circumstances shims are the only way to open a padlock in mere seconds. They are designed to open laminated type padlocks, the most common variety of padlock used today but they will open any lock that has a spring operated lever latch.

Made of very thin spring steel, our padlock shims come in several sizes to fit the contour of the hasp of the lock. Just push one down between the hasp and the body of the lock and twist to disengage the locking mechanism. Pretty slick!

Our 20 piece shim assortment for padlock opening comes with 5 each of the 4 most common shackle diameters, enabling the shims to open a wide variety of locks.

Want to know how to pick a padlock using padlock shims? Visit Lock-Picking.org, our informational website and take a look at our article on padlock shims.

Keep in mind that padlock shims are very effective for opening nearly all cheap padlocks in record time. While padlock shims are inexpensive and easy to use, they have limited effectiveness on high-quality locks. Anyone truly interested in safeguarding valuables would never rely on a padlock alone to do the trick, as these models offer only minimal protection against thieves. Padlock shim sets are available with several different-sized shims, which are slender pieces of spring steel. These ends are inserted in the gap where the lock meets the hasp so that the tips disengage the locking mechanism inside the housing. The base of the shim is cut to fit the contours of the exposed U-shaped latch, giving you greater control in maneuvering the end.

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