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Lockout Specialist Locksmith Course

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Lockout Specialist Locksmith Training Course - Become a Locksmith

 Become a bona-fide, licensed, bonded locksmith quickly and easily!

How many times have you gone into work thinking "I should be the boss! I do all the work and HE gets all the credit! Certainly I don't speak for everyone reading this, but I hated my boss, and, as a result, I hated my job. I got so tired of being underpaid and under-appreciated that I decided it was time to try something on my own.
I had a keen interest in the locksmith trade and a 20 year background in sales and marketing and that's how LockPickShop was born over 9 years ago! We are fortunate to have many of the best locksmith tools, lock picking tools and training videos available today.
Recently I came across the Lockout Specialist's Course, a complete locksmith training course to starting, promoting and operating a home and auto lockout specialty business. I was impressed with all the rave reviews my associates in the field gave The Lockout Specialist's Manual. I'd wanted to offer a quality lockout specialist course to our customers but had never been impressed by others that were available. The author and designer of the course, Chris Pearcy, was kind enough to send us the complete course to review. THIS course far exceeded my expectations! Chris is a professional writer with 15 years experience designing and writing technical instructional material for readers all over the world. He received his first formal training in emergency locksmithing and building entry techniques more than 20 years ago, as a Military Policeman for the U.S. Army. Since then, he's devoured any locksmithing information he could get his hands on, including one-on-one training, books, locksmithing trade publications, emergency locksmithing manuals for police and fire personnel, and even the well-known home-study courses.
Chris has thousands of hours of locksmithing experience and from the moment I started studying his course it was clear that this course was worth it's weight in gold. His on-the-job experience as a lockout specialist, the locksmithing courses he's mastered as well as the tricks and techniques learned from other locksmiths are all represented in his manual.
I've never seen another locksmith training course or lockout manual that contains as much specialized information as this one. This manual will show you how to:
  • Become a bona-fide, licensed, bonded locksmith quickly and easily;
  • Get easy access to reasonably priced locksmithing tools and equipment;
  • Learn the basics of lock picking and keyless auto entry;
  • Learn techniques for bypassing locks to gain entry;
  • Find customers who will gladly pay a lot of money for the skills you've learned;
  • Get paid more as you gain more experience
  • Set up partnerships with other locksmiths (usually full-time locksmiths) that will be profitable for both of you; and finally
  • Streamline your business so that you automatically get as many customers as you want and do only the work you really want to do.
I know that it sounds like a lot of information for one manual but I guarantee that graduates of the course will be able to sucessfully start lockout services after completing it. The manual is a combination business manual and locksmithing techniques manual, with a lot of "insider" information that you need to know about locksmithing, and, especially lockouts. Chris has included every "trick of the trade" that he's picked up over the years since he's operated his own lockout business. He also includes plenty of resources for anything you might need, whether it be information or tools.

The manual flows very smoothly and is organized in the same order as the steps you'll need to follow to get started. Chris takes a step-by-step approach that will allow you to get your lockout specialist business started immediately. Within a very short period of time, as little as 30 days, you'll be able to start your own lockout service and earn between $60-$80 per hour!

What's Included with the Course?

You get a 100+ page manual that is actually two manuals in one: a no-holds-barred locksmithing manual that covers lock picking, lock bypass techniques, and auto openings, combined with a very detailed, full-blown business operations manual. Also, you get a one-hour instructional video that shows the lockout skills and techniques applied in real-world situations. You'll also receive a professional-quality lock pick set, practice lock, along with a Resource Guide that will put you in contact with suppliers for locksmithing tools, equipment, and information. Perhaps best of all, you'll get Chris' personal help by e-mail whenever you need it.

Lockout Specialist's Manual

Here's just a partial list of what the manual will show you:
  • Basic and advanced lockpicking techniques
  • Car opening techniques
  • Little-known insider secrets and tricks for gaining entry into buildings without picking the lock (lock bypasses)
  • How to become a licensed, bonded locksmith for about $50 (and get a subscription to a restricted locksmithing journal at the same time, for free)
  • How to get all the restricted locksmithing tools and equipment you need, without the hassles (including the professional auto lockout set I've used for six years)
  • How to expand your business, if you decide to, totally from profits
  • How to locate and enroll in courses on specialty subjects that are restricted to locksmiths only
  • How to establish a free "dial-in help" network for instant assistance or technical info, any time you need it
  • How to make a tool for less than a dollar that will open up to 90% of all vehicles on the road today
  • The secret Chris learned from a locksmith in a golf cart: How to make more than $1,000 in a single weekend
  • How to get free advertising
  • How to set up a "customer funnel"
  • How to trade the locksmithing work you don't want for big profits and other benefits
  • How to easily sell duplicate keys for $6.00 or more each to customers who will literally beg you for them
  • How to set up a "back end" business that brings in as much money as your first business

The Lockout Specialist DVD Seminar

This one-hour DVD will never win awards for fancy effects or slick camera work, but it's absolutely crammed with locksmithing information and techniques. It's literally a locksmithing seminar on DVD. Chris shows you, face to face, how to:
  • Pick locks
  • Open cars
  • Gain entry into buildings without picking the lock
  • Use special picking techniques to open resistant locks
  • Use the "ace in the hole" vibrating pick tool
  • And much, much more!

Professional Lock Pick Kit

  • All the basic picks that professional locksmiths use including:
  • Diamond point, hooks, rakes, etc.
  • Tension wrenches
  • Everything you need to learn lockpicking immediately!

Practice Pin-Tumbler Lock and Plug Follower Tool

This set, with the instructions provided in the manual, will allow you to take the lock apart and reconfigure it for lock picking practice. You'll be able to set up the lock to be as easy or hard to pick as you want, and learn a lot about how locks work in the process.

Resource Guide

Included are the names, addresses and phone numbers for locksmithing tools and equipment, restricted trade publications, and other locksmithing information that I personally use. The Resource Guide is your passport to all the tools and information you'll ever need to start a high-profit lockout service.

So what are you waiting for???

Don't let the chance to start and own YOUR OWN business pass you by. Select one of our easy payment methods, and see how easy it is to enter the fascinating lockout specialty field.

Please note: The Lockout Specialist course is not eligible for return unless defective. If either dvd or the tool kit is defective this may be exchanged for replacement only.

Customer Reviews

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4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 Good value for the money
Reviewed by: on 9/16/2011
This was a decent course, and the author has a straightforward manner which is easy to follow. The video instruction was good and had many useful tips but pretty short (only an hour). He used the cutaway lock alot for many examples but none included in the kit for all it cost, which was a disappointment. Some of the tips he gave worked, some didn't...forget about getting a license in my state for $50 for instance, and the catalogs he named don't issue photo cards like he described anymore, etc.

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 My own business for under $300!
Reviewed by: on 6/9/2009
This course is everything I hoped it would be. It's an excellent course and I've learned a lot...enough so that I will be able to start my own Lockout business within month or so.

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