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LAB Pin Refill Packs - .003 System

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LAB Pin Refill Packs -  .003 System
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.003 Pin Kit Refill Pack

Carton contains 124 packs (50 pins per package) of the highest quality LAB Universal .003 Tumbler pins - 50 pins per size.
Tops: .010 - .200
Bottoms: .156 - .360

Pin sizes included (in refill packs of 50 each) are:
.010T, .015T, .020T, .024T, .027T, .030T, .033T, .036T, .039T, .042T, .045T, .048T, .051T, .054BC, .057T, .060T, .063T, .066T, .069T, .072T, .075T, .078T, .081T, .084T, .087T, .090T, .093T, .096T, .099T, .102T, .105T, .108T, .111T, .117T, .120T, .123T, .156BC, .159BC, .162BC, .165BC, .168BC, .171BC, .174BC, .177BC, .180BC, .183BC, .185T, .186BC, .189BC, .192BC, .195BC, .198BC, .201BC, .204BC, .207BC, .210BC, .213BC, .216BC, .219BC, .222BC, .225BC, .228BC, .231BC, .234BC, .237BC, .240BC, .243BC, .246BC, .249BC, .252BC, .255BC, .258BC, .261BC, .264BC, .267BC, .270BC, .273BC, .276BC, .279BC, .282BC, .285BC, .288BC, .291BC, .294BC, .297BC, .300BC, .303BC, .306BC, .309BC, .312BC, .315BC, .318BC, .336BC, .339BC, .342BC, .345BC, .348BC, .351BC, .354BC, .357BC, .360BC.
All 124 sizes are included in the LAB Pin Refill Packs Complete .003 System.

Made in the USA!

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